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  • 08-04-2016
  • 00:01
  • 10-04-2016
  • 23:59

Kyiv, str. Borispilska 26V
Contact phone
+38 (063) 406-52-07
Language: English
Price: 1200.00 грн
з 06/01/2016 13:15
по 05/06/2016 09:00

For all fans running, vibrant music and healthy lifestyle capital club and the company's third consecutive year conducting "Color mileage." Holly Holy colored paint - is an unforgettable emotion, a feeling of joy and happiness. Course 3 and 6km to the music of DJ pokoryatsya not only novice runners, but also all fans of dynamic holiday. All registered participants will receive a special T-shirt for running and at the finish awaits grand concert!

The path length of 3 km and 6 will be painted bright colors and incendiary music! All participants will be issued special race running shirts from New Balance! The event will cover not only the athletes, but all lovers of bright, dynamic vacation! Come on in colorful original race suit or attribute incredible! Any individual, any colorful runner! Holders of the most colorful, unusual and creative costumes will be awarded prizes! Conditions of registration and participation in the race, allowed everyone aged 16 years and older. Before the start of the traditional warm-up will be held with the coach and a children's race at 250m Ready athletes are allowed only in white T-shirts!

Packet by: - Commemorative T-shirt; - Start number; - Package for putting things in storage chamber; - Water at the finish; - Commemorative souvenirs. Award winners: - awarded to men and women who took the 1-5 place in absolute championship at all distances - Winners get prizes. - After starting the lottery will be held from the general sponsor of New Balance Ukraine